We take special care of how things are designed at Sterckenn. In preproduction of our products, we use the most sophisticated technologies like 3D scanning and the newest CAD and CAS software. The design of our prototypes and products is based on high quality reverse engineering. It allows us to create accessories with the best possible fitments and quality.




All of our parts have a unique style, yet are cohesive with BMW design language. Our The rear spoiler and diffuser both integrate with the car’s natural design cues. All of our products are made with 100% prepreg carbon fiber, the best available material in the industry. They are autoclaved which gives the best possible strength, rigidity, and surface quality.

The M4 splitter gives a sophisticated astatic and improves aerodynamic downforce while maintaining standard ground clearance. All our products have been designed to impress both visually and with performance.