Started from the sketch now we’re here: we begin our Sterckenn BMW M3 tuning project!

In our new blog series, we invite you to follow our everyday activities at Sterckenn. First up: the story of how we joined this season’s hottest trend of BMW M3...

In our new blog series, we invite you to follow our everyday activities at Sterckenn. First up: the story of how we joined this season’s hottest trend of BMW M3 and M3 Touring tuning with our new demo car.

The things we usually show on our website and social media channels are actually just a tip of the iceberg of what’s happening at Sterckenn: the bold ideas, the struggles, and the little victories we deal with on a daily basis. To give you a better view of who we are, what characterizes our work and our products, and what our goals, we’ve started this blog, on which we’ll offer you a personal behind the scenes view on our m3, sterckenn, carbon fiberSterckenn’s main ambition is to promote the culture of smart car modifications, executed with the use of premium quality components provided by the most trusted suppliers. To give a better idea of how we understand this credo, we’ve decided to take on our own BMW M3 tuning project showcasing Sterckenn’s offer of carbon fiber aero parts available for the G80 M3 and G81 M3 Touring. It’s the car which you’ll see in various media and social media channels, and the one which will hopefully also help you find the best BMW M3 and M3 Touring modification ideas.

bmw m3, sterckenn, carbon fiber

What puts Sterckenn apart from the regular aftermarket body parts specialists is a very narrow specialization, which allows this EU-based company to achieve true excellence in its field and the quality level at least matching the OEM makers. With the exception of the sole Mercedes-AMG A45 program, Sterckenn focuses exclusively on the new BMW M models and has in-depth first-hand knowledge about these products. The company creates its parts with the reverse engineering method, using exclusively the finest pre-preg carbon fiber. As such, Sterckenn offers a state-of-the-art alternative to the options hitherto present on the market, including the BMW M Performance parts.

bmw m3, sterckenn, carbon fiber

The work on these parts begins just like the process of developing a car: with a professional designer’s sketch. It provides the initial concept of the project and may already include the key details which will form the DNA of the final outcome. With the M3, Sterckenn started with painting the front air splitter and side skirts in the body color to optically bring the car closer to the ground and give it the stance it has always deserved.

bmw m3, sterckenn, carbon fiber

The first sketch already reveals the details which will play the vital role in creating this M3’s unique vibe: the Sterckenn demo will become the most talked-about car wherever it appears thanks to the Thule roof rack and classy Edelweiss rims, shod in a set of high-performance Pirelly P Zero tyres. It’s a new take on the BMW M3 gold wheels trend which can already be observed with the G80/G81 cars, however rarely to such a dramatic effect like here. For the final tune of the M3’s looks and performance, the front axle was lowered with the use of Eibach suspension set. 

bmw m3, sterckenn, carbon fiber

If you’re interested in BMW M3 tuning or even if you’re looking for ways of upgrading M3 Touring’s performance, you better watch this space: Sterckenn’s project is taking shape, but it’s still far from done: we’re still ahead of installing a comprehensive set of the aero upgrades designed in-house. To see what happened to the car next, please follow our social media channels and standby for the next posts on our blog!

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